Conducting Wireless Man in the Middle Attack

Wireless is basically vulnerable to so many attacks but attacks like MITM can also be leveraged against wireless networks as they could have been in case of normal Ethernet. However, in a wireless man in the middle attack one cannot simply put the interface between the AP and the Victim.
 Here, we need to force the client to break its connection from the legitimate interface and connect to the fake one. However, no manual work is to be done by the victim while connecting from normal to the fake AP. In this attack we will setup a fake AP with the same ESSID( the name of the wireless network) of the victim AP and then, we will send De-authentication  packets to the Legitimate AP so no one can make a connection to it. Now, ESSIDs being same of both the target network and our fake one, victim system will try to connect to the fake one as it is not able to connect to the original one. As soon as the victim connects we will capture all its data... And will pass it back to the legitimate AP. so all the data will pass through our system and hence wireless MITM is achieved.
Here's a Video Demonstration for Doing the same with Backtrack.
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